The 5V-panels are a high quality steel that provide a classic look. It’s versatility makes for a great performance in nearly any style of roofing. The panels double overlap helps assure a water-tight seal. The panels should be installed over plywood and vapor barrier. **This panel is available in Galvalume® & all painted colors..

5 V Panel Metal Roofing

5-V Panel Features:

  • available in 24″ coverage with ½” ribs on 12 inch centers.
  • Ideal for industrial/commercial, residential and agricultural applications.
  • A full line of standard and custom trim items are available.
  • Minimum roof slop 3:12.
  • Galvalume® warranty 25 years and pre-painted material warranty 40 years.
  • Panels are UL 2218 Class 4 Hail Impact Resistant and Texas Windstorm rated.