The R- and PBR-panels are excellent light-duty roofing and siding panels, allowing for maximum spans in roof and wall application due to 12″ rib spacing.







R-Panel Features:

  • Available in 36″ coverage with 1 1/4″ high ribs.
  • Ideal for self-storage, commercial/industrial wall application, equipment screens, agricultural and residential construction.
  • Purlin bearing leg option for roofing application.
  • Reversed run profiles for wall applications make an attractive shadow panel.
  • R-panel is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.
  • Matching Galvalume® pre-painted finishes are available for flashings and flat stock.
  • Color match fasteners are self-sealing and available for wood and steel applications.
  • Galvalume® warranty 25 years and pre-painted material warranty 40 years.