CMP can provide a various selection of standard & custom trims. The computerized manufacturing capabilities allow standard or customized profiles to be made to your exact specifications. A drawing will be required for any “customized” trim requirements. CMP can provide seamless gutter ran to any length as wells as provide downspouts.
Trim Chart Custom Metal Products - Old Fort, Nc


  • Foam Closures
  • Expanding Closures
  • Profile Ridge Vent
  • Fasteners
  • Tube & Butyl Sealant
  • Pipe Boots

Foam Closures: Fill in upper & lower panel ends
Expanding Closures: Expands to fill ends at hips and valleys
Profile Ridge Vent: Allows hot air to vent from ridges
Fasteners: Screws, pop-rivets, pancake screws
Tube & Butyl Sealant: To meet all your sealing needs.
Pipe Boots: Flashes, pipes, electric boots available.

Metal Roofing Accessories - Custom Metal Products - Old Fort, NC